Exansion of Tenerife North Airport

The architecture completes and integrates the previous building

Designed as a continuation of the Tenerife North Airport, this expansion is planned at both ends of it. The eastern end sees the extension of the baggage claim hall and the departure lounge over which a technical nucleus is planned. Added to the westernmost point of the main building there is a new check-in hall, a set of renewed company offices facing the connecting body to the runway and a service corredor facing outside. The same design resources as the original building were used with a few variations, such as the introduction of a new architectural language on the façade of the new office section. In any case, the transparency and brightness, as much inside as out and the use of warm materials are the essential criteria for this intervention.


TECHNICAL DATA: Year: 2010-2011. Architects: Arsenio Pérez Amaral, Antonio Corona Bosch, Mark Senning. Client: AENA. Engineering: Trazas, Sener, Inocsa. Collaborators: Iván Guisado, Nuria Bretón (Architects), Arquiestructuras Tenerife (Structures), DD7 (Quantity Surveyors).