Jet Foil Terminal

A lightweight skin protects volumes next to the sea

An old storage building by the historic North Quay of Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the origin of this maritime station designated for the high speed sea transportation (Jet Foil) which operated between the Canary Islands for 20 years. The first idea to maintain the existing roof, even though finally it had to be substituted for a lightweight roof with perforations, led to the creation of a building composed of a group of contained volumes that only jut out of the original building’s floor to get closer to the edge of the quay and accompany the berth operations of the vessels. The areas that are situated under the original roof are illuminated through a central space that has a transparent roof that allows the visión of the superior skin which acts as a sun filter by day and a lamp by night.


TECHNICAL DATA: Year 1986-1987. Location: The Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Architects: Antonio Corona Bosch, Arsenio Pérez Amaral, Eustaquio Martínez García. Client: Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port Authority Works Board.



PRIZES: First Architecture Manuel de Oraá Regional Prize