Proposal For a Residential Landscaped Complex in Three Towers

Landscaped towers that underline the views of Anaga mountains from the city.

This proposal consists of an action called to have an iconic character for the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife since it highlights the advantages of its location in a hinge space between two important centers of the city, that of residential Anaga and the historic – administrative center through a green and friendly intervention that underlines the views of the Anaga mountains.

A stepped plinth with commercial uses, offices and parking lots in basements, resolves the meeting of residential buildings with Alejandro Cionarescu street and the plaza located to the west of the plot. It is finished off with a free plan for community use for the flats with spaces dedicated to leisure activities such as, swimming pool, children’s play area, outdoor and shaded areas, etc.

A set of parallel and different slabs houses the levels of the flats so that the set is perceived as a stack of landscaped and single-family homes. The humid zones are distributed around the vertical communication cores. The bedrooms are organized in a modular way and the living rooms and terraces are located in the corners in order to provide the possiblity to enjoy the best views and sunnig.

The perimeter of the buildings acts as a green filter and it is organized in a different way on each level using wide eaves that serve as parasols, support planters, house terraces, etc.

Torre 1 – Tipo A

Torre 1 – Tipo B

Torre 1 – Tipo C

Torre 1 – Tipo D

Torre 1 – Tipo E

Torre 2 y 3 – Tipo A

Torre 2 y 3 – Tipo B

Torre 2 y 3 – Tipo C

Sección Tipo

TECHNICAL DATA : Contest Year 2017 Location: Calle Alejandro Cionarescu with JR Hamilton Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Architects: Antonio Corona Bosch, Arsenio Pérez Amaral, Mark Senning. Client: Avant espacia Collaborators: David Rojo Pascual, Enrique Lorenzo Larumbe, Néstor Hernández Marrero, Belén del Rio Huesa and Sara Martín González (Architects), Meco SLUP (Quantity Surveyors), Energiq Engineering (M&P), Calcularq (Statics).