Salomé Suites Hotel Anthelia Costa Adeje


Relaxed atmosphere to enjoy privileged surroundings

The refurbishment of the Salomé Suites’ pavilion in the Hotel Anthelia consisted in adding a floor over the existing building, in accordance with building regulations, and totally remodel the suites on the three floors along with the swimming pool and existing terraces.

The extra level was resolved by using a light wooden micro-laminated structure that provides great warmth and lightness to the operation, allowing for the positioning of big sheets of glass bringing inside the impressive views to be enjoyed of La Gomera and the sea that the location presents.

The remodelling of the existing suites, that occupy two modules of façade each, has improved the diagonal union of the modules between the rooms, by using a sliding door connecting the bedrooms and the lounges.

The formal resources used, bleached wooden flooring and furniture, the use of light but warm colours, have been limited and therefore, due to their sobriety, enhance the natural spectacle from this privileged setting.

A new infinity pool has been added to the pool area with treatment beds on the edge that look out over the seafront, and the terrace paving is natural stone with emphasis on square modules on a scale with the furnishings. The gardens have been placed near the façade to create transparency allowing the views to be enjoyed from any point of the terrace.


Previous state


TECHNICAL DATA: Year 2016. Location: Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Architects: Antonio Corona Bosch, Arsenio Pérez Amaral, Mark Senning, David Rojo. Client: Iberostar. Collaborators: Rubén Gómez, Marta Cuesta, Marta González, Sonia Tabares, Olga Moreno (Architects). Sofía Mora, José Manuel Alonso (Quantity Surveyors). Structures: Calcularq. Engineering: Prisma. Landscaping: POA. Photography: José Ramón Oller.