El Cabo Bridge

The historic structure supports a footbridge

The surroundings of the final stretch of the ravine, Barranco de Santos, are endowed with a marked historic and cultural character with highly representative elements of Santa Cruz de Tenerife found located in the area. The domain indentified as place of cultural interest “Old Santa Cruz” hosts the most relevant sites of this heritage: the church Nuestra Señora de la Concepción, the old Hospital Civil and the bridge El Cabo. This is the composition of an area of extraordinary density of history of the capital of the island, that combines with a clear abundance of art and museum history. The bridge “El Cabo” joins the two edges of the ravine, between the Padre Moore Street and the main entrance to the Natural and Human History Museum (the old Civil Hospital). It is entrusted by the city with the important role of mobilizing the flow of pedestrians.

The task of restoring the bridge consisted in raising the bridge to obtain the joint effect of improving the conditions of the bed of the ravine Barranco de Santos, and also to highlight the existing riveted steel trusses that had been hidden under various layers of padding and unused pipes. To do this a new structure of steel beams were threaded through the carefully restored trusses, giving them the necessary resistance. This was the base for a wooden footbridge with a rail of stainless steel mesh. The abutments with the roads on either side of the ravine are resolved with platforms that lead to steps and ramps to guarantee accessibility, and at the same time serve a seating area and as a meeting point in the forefront of the the historic buildings.


Previous state


TECHNICAL DATA: Year: 2013-2014. Location: Barranco de Santos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Architects: Antonio Corona Bosch, Arsenio Pérez Amaral, Mark Senning, David Rojo Pascual. Civil Engineers: Lorenzo García Bermejo, Alberto Calle Díaz, Sandra Dieste, Alejandro Barreda Delgado (Civilport Ingeniería). Client: Consejo Insular de Aguas del Cabildo de Tenerife. (Regional Waterboard). Collaborators: Yapci Santos (Quantity Surveyor), Aquilino Dorta (Metal Structures)