Urban Design

Town Planning Puertito de Adeje

Focus on the surroundings

A privileged place with a white sand beach, an impressive ravine, a small group of fishermen’s housing is where this planning is done with the main design criteria of integrating and activating the surroundings. The proposal is to extend the beach backwards making space for leisure and sports activities as well as using the bed of the ravine to make walking trails that include recreational areas with water layers or improve the indigenous vegetation. In the area of the existing town, the strategy is to transform it into an area with amenities such as restaurants, boutiques, cafeterias with terraces, etc. The natural materials in accordance with the pre-existing ones, tenuous indirect lighting and the natural vegetation of the hillsides of the south of Tenerife all serve to bring into place the main idea of integration behind the planning.


TECHNICAL DATA: Year 2015-2016. Location: Puertito de Adeje, Tenerife. Architects: Antonio Corona Bosch, Arsenio Pérez Amaral, Mark Senning, David Rojo Pascual. Client: Second Home Tenerife. Collaborators: Graciano Macarrón, José María Lavena, Arturo Jover (Architects), Román Corona, Jonay González (Model Makers), Miguel Berroa (Design and Edition).