Urban design

Martianez Seafront Promenade

The promenade connects with the beach.

The idea which presided over the project was to strengthen the relation between the Martianez Promenade and the beach of the same name in Puerto De la Cruz on the island of Tenerife. To do so, a central sloping square was set out, equipped with a sculptural intervention and a fountain by the sculptor Juan López Salvador, which joins the two gradients. It then connects to a wooden walkway that follows the higher level of the sand on the beach and a landscaped walkway paved with natural stone set on the same level as the city. There is an area designated for restaurant services situated where the wooden walkway, ending at the breakwater, meets the edge of the Martianez Lake. On the raised platform which is opposite the square and on a level with the town, there are some lightweight pavilions made of wood and glass that stand on stone masonry walls, which accommodate these cafeterias enjoying exceptional views. A light wooden bridge connects these two areas of the Project, the urban walkway and the beach walkway.


TECHNICAL DATA: Year: 1995-1998. Location: Puerto de la Cruz. Tenerife. Architects: Antonio Corona Bosch, Arsenio Pérez Amaral, Eustaquio Martínez García. Client: Demarcación de Costas de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Collaborators: DD7 (Quantity Surveyors)