Urban regeneration

Cooperation project Adecot, Morocco

A commercial and urban strategy for the south of Morocco

The ADECOT project, developed in three successive annuities, is part of the European Project of Cross-border Cooperation: Spain-External borders. That aim of the project hopes to translate the management model from the Canary Islands of Open Air Commmercial Zones to Moroccan areas, through a process of study and adaptation to the specificities of Souss Massa Drâa, region where the development efforts are focused.

The project is drawn up on a territorial plan to revitalize the open air commercial areas in the SMD region. It takes place in 7 selected cities through territorial, urban and socioeconomic analysis in agreement with local partners of the project.

As of the analysis of the present situation and aspects concerning mobility, amenities, open spaces and commercial layout in each of the cities, a master plan was designed in phases for each historic centre allowing for the evolution of these cities through a renewing process of urban and commercial transformation.


TECHNICAL DATA: Year 2010-2014. Location: Souss Massa Drâa, Morocco.Architects: Antonio Corona Bosch, Arsenio Pérez Amaral, Hind Marhfour, David Rojo Pascual. Client: Canarian Government, PROEXCA, FAUCA, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investments of Morocco, The SMD Region, Chamber of Commerce of Agadir, Collaborators: HEPTA (Socioeconomic advisor).